Personal Stationery : Custom : Watercolor Crest Stationery

Your traditional family crest can be drawn and hand watercolored or you can choose to create your very own modern family crest. For instance, if you family is into all things water sports, then you might want to implement water or waves. If your family is into cooking, running, skiing, then a crest can be hand drawn and painted to illustrate a new kind of family crest. If you want your own personal crest, for your own hobbies and passions, that can be created as well. The possibilities are endless for this new american family crest style.


Personal Stationery : Custom : Hemisphere

This client requested to design personal stationery with a reference to the hemisphere.
His previous stationery was of an old world hemisphere map. We designed 3 looks. One look was similar to his previous stationery, the other two were more modern and clean. He chose to go with a clean look using longitude and latitude lines of the world. The client also used letterpress printing, imprinting a lighter impression for the artwork and a heavier impression with the client's name.


Personal Stationery : Custom : Tribute to Jackie

We are all Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Fans at heart. Come on, admit it. This blue stationery with simple cobalt lettering was designed in memory of Jackie’s own light blue correspondences to loved ones.

Although this is a simple design, this custom design prices higher than collections offered because of the custom paper color and printing choices: offset, letterpress, thermography or engraving.
Tribute to Jackie


Personal Stationery : Custom : Family Crest

Do you have a family crest or family emblem that you would like to feature on your custom personal stationery? KMS can custom design this for you.


Personal Stationery : Custom : Loop & Dot Stationery

These custom stationery pieces were designed for a mother and daughter who were of like mind in their design taste and color. The daughter was in the tween stage at the time and did not want a design that was too childish.Loop & Dot Stationary


Personal Stationery : Custom : Home, Cabin or Cottage

This custom stationery folded card was illustrated for a family that wanted correspondence cards featuring their home. This card is a custom order. A photo or series of photos would be supplied to illustrate the home, cabin or cottage. This card can be printed in any type of printing from digital to letterpress in any one color.

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